Who Am I?

My name is Bob Georgiou. I am a York University graduate (B.A., History & Political Science, 2011), a Centennial College graduate (Certificate, Culture & Heritage Site Management, 2003), and above all, a Toronto enthusiast.

Arts, Culture, Heritage/Customer Service/Public Service

Twitter: @ScenesFromACity
Instagram: @ItsBobG
Facebook: @ScenesFromACity
LinkedIn: Bob Georgiou

Email: hbobgeorgiou@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi, and thanks for following my blog. We seem to have a lot in common (including being York grads, though at very different times), and I’d like to follow your blog as well — but I can’t find a ‘follow’ button. Where is it?

    1. Thanks! I saw your other comment, but I’ve added a follow widget anyways 🙂 I look forward to leafing through your writings. It seems we do have the same underlying philosophy on the power of walking and exploration and discovery!

      1. Yah. Follow widget is good, because it makes it easy and obvious for interested people to sign up. The way it was, you only discovered a follow lozenge after deciding to leave a comment. Anyway, I’m on board now

    1. And much obliged for sharing! I became interested in Little India through a walk I put together for Heritage Toronto. Through that and just walking through the area myself, I really noticed how the layers of history are building even now. Interesting stuff. Great to read some of the ‘inside stories’ about what is happening!

  2. hopefully you will someday extend your map to Swansea Village. It has a 300 yr old history which includes industry which is gone now but was very important… try Swansea Historical Society.

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